Deadline tomorrow!

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The Deadline for the Pseudoscience fair is tomorrow! Right now we are a bit short on entries, please if you have an idea and would like to present contact us! our email is


Pseudoscience Fair!!

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This is our next event that is coming up and we need people to submit ideas for tables! Contact us for details!


Hi, Long Time No Blog

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Hello every one! Sorry for our absences over the past few months, it was not intenetional as we all had personal issues that we had to deal with.
A little update for every one! We bumped back 2 events, JT eberhard and Food For Freethought. Food For Freethought has been moved to next semester
and JT's talk has been moved to Black Friday (so i think it hasnt been finalized yet). That's it as far as a update goes, I'm sure I will be
told by some one if it is not.

Everybody say hi to Patrick!

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Chances are you have already. He is now our former secretary and now is our president, he has just switched places with Michael and will be holding the position permanently. Cynthia has also resigned but we are waiting till Fall to fill her position. – Megan & The Auraria Campus Atheists

The departure of Michael

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Sadly we have lost Michael he resigned late last night due to personal conflicts; we are on good terms with him.  We will be replacing him with Patrick. We were planning to wait till fall to replace Michael and have a more planned out resignation from him; however this is not the case. We understand that there are times in life when you just need to take a step back in life and change directions; we wish Michael all the best with his new endeavors. –Megan & The Auraria Campus Atheists

Recent Happenings/ End of Semester Wind-down

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First off I would like to say thank you to al that have been following our blog and a hello to our new officers in training. Our new officers are Mallory O’Malley, Jared M. Granato, Josh Inkeles and Bradley J. Felix, we hope you welcome them the same way we have. Our officers in training are not for MSCD, they are UCD and by fall we hope to have our UCD branch up and running as a self-operating branch of our organization. By next Spring we hope to be working on our CCD expansion, if you attend CCD and would be interested in helping us out with this branch please go to our become a member section and click “become an officer” and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In other news one of our founding officers has begun a new chapter in his life, well her life rather, as Joel is now begun the journey to become a woman, and is now being called Vanessa. Everything on this blog has been changed to reflect these changes, with the exception of the tags, because she is still very well known as Joel and until the word spreads the tags stay.

In the fall we will be losing 2 officers, Michael and Cynthia. We have people lined up for these positions but they are not being publicly announced at this time. –Megan & The Auraria Campus Atheists

Loftus was a success!

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We had at 60-ish people show up which is a fairly large number for our group and the biggest turn out we have had since Michael took over the presidency. John spoke on ways about how to break down a Christian’s arguments, then joined our team and the Denver Atheist Meetup Group for pizza at Wazee Supper Club.  We would like to thank their staff for putting up with our large group, which was well over 25, as we took over half the restaurant. We had some minor communication issues, but everything went smoothly and we had a decent turn out. – Megan & the Auraria Campus Atheists

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