Our Spring Fling table was a success, we had many people who came and talked with us and signed our email list. I was added into our Orgsync as an official administrator, but due to credit limitations I cannot be an officer untill fall semester. There was an incident on Monday that involved people that we, as a group, know. This incident involved Dustin C. (not the Dustin in our pictures), who after being arrested for assaulting Tom Short, claimed he was part of our organization. He is not. He will not sign our email list, he is not on our Orgsync page and when asked if he is with us under friendly circumstances he denies all involvement. We do not condone Dustin’s ¬†actions, I am aware that Tom Short is a less then respectable individual but please do not assault him. If you don’t like what he has to say just keep walking and don’t feed the troll. -Megan