First off I would like to mention we lost Joe as a volunteer, he’s okay but he is pursuing other aspects of his life and we will not be working with him any longer. He was an UCD student and for our tri-institutional recognition we need UCD students. We did replace Joe but still require more people to join for us to get our recognition, so please apply here. Leave your name and school you are attending and someone will get back to you within the week.

Why should I become an officer?

You should become an officer because it looks great on your resume, as all we do is secular charity work, even our speakers that we have come in and do speeches help us give back to our community. If you list us as a reference we will back you up if we get reference calls from employers, if you leave on good standings with our group. If you list us on your resume it can  and are in good standings with the group please let one of us know ahead of time.

On another much happier note, we are welcoming Jared M. Granato, to our group, as a volunteer/proxy from UCD. Megan & The Auraria Campus Atheists