First off I would like to say thank you to al that have been following our blog and a hello to our new officers in training. Our new officers are Mallory O’Malley, Jared M. Granato, Josh Inkeles and Bradley J. Felix, we hope you welcome them the same way we have. Our officers in training are not for MSCD, they are UCD and by fall we hope to have our UCD branch up and running as a self-operating branch of our organization. By next Spring we hope to be working on our CCD expansion, if you attend CCD and would be interested in helping us out with this branch please go to our become a member section and click “become an officer” and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

In other news one of our founding officers has begun a new chapter in his life, well her life rather, as Joel is now begun the journey to become a woman, and is now being called Vanessa. Everything on this blog has been changed to reflect these changes, with the exception of the tags, because she is still very well known as Joel and until the word spreads the tags stay.

In the fall we will be losing 2 officers, Michael and Cynthia. We have people lined up for these positions but they are not being publicly announced at this time. –Megan & The Auraria Campus Atheists