Patrick Harrington is the President for Auraria Campus Atheists. He is attending MSCD for a Bachelor of science in Electronics Engineering Technology. He is a student member of the IEEE. When he is done with school he would like to acquire a job in the music field or in the realm of computer technology/information technology. When in school he likes to study electronics, philosophy (including metaphysics, ethics, and epistemology), music, art, history, psychology, neurology, religious studies, sociology, mathematics & number theory, film, photography, astronomy, biology, language and logic, computer science, mechanical engineering, oceanography, aerospace & rocketry, programming, video game design, physics, pseudoscience, geology, quantum mechanics and nuclear technology, geography, string theory, M-Theory, literature and culinary arts. His first day of college was the first time he attended a public learning institution.
When he’s not in school he likes to play with electronics, read, surf the internet, be an amateur film critic, hike, explore, play the bass, play with circuit bending toys and is a hapless coffee addict.

Melissa Carlile is the Treasurer for ACA. She attends MSCD with a major in Biology. When she graduates she plans on attending graduate school for a PhD in Ecology/Evolutionary Biology, and wants to do field research on ants and termites in Central America. Her academic interests include biology, entimology, evolution, and ecology. She currently works  at the National Renewable Energy Labratory as a Biomass Analysis Intern. Outside of school she sings in a punk rock band called Döersovit,  goes to shows, and enjoys camping, hiking and snowshoeing.

Megan M. Moore is an officer for ACA. She will be attending MSCD with a major in Civil Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. She has already received an associates degree in Health Care Administration. When she finishes school she would like to use her degree to help engineer dams. Her academic interests include the German language, engineering, genetics, and social psychology. When not in school she likes to attend dog shows, take care of her orchids, read, play on the internet, practice archery, explore places on foot, paperwork, and take things apart that she probably shouldn’t.

Jared M. Granato -is an officer for ACA. He attends CU Denver with a major of History with a emphasis on 20th Century British History. When he finishes school he hopes to become a Professor of History someday, or possibly a Lawyer specializing in Constitutional Law, or even becoming a Novelist (or all of them). His academic interests are History, specifically Interwar Britain, and modern military history. He also have a strong interest in religion, particularly Islam. He has 2 tattoos, one is a line from one of his favorite Robert Frost poems, the other is actually a pair of tattoos that are a reference to his favorite video game, Bioshock. Outside of classes he enjoys writing, reading, playing video games, talking about metaphysics, and am currently creating his own world for his Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Bradley J FelixBradley J Felix is an officer in training for ACA. He attends the University of Colorado at Denver Health and Sciences Center.  He is a Theatre major with BFA emphasis in Writing and Directing. He hopes to write plays that make people feel. His academic interests include writing essays and filing out Scantrons.  His photo is on the Wall of Champions at Beth’s Diner in Seattle. I got it there for eating a twelve egg omelet complete with hash browns and toast. My hobbies include cycling, wicking, writing, being self-righteous and throwing down in general.

Mallory O’Malley is an officer in training for UCD, with a major in Biology and minors in Spanish, religious studies, and chemistry and if she has the time astrophysics.  After she finishes school she would like to be a mad scientist, but really I want to work in a medical research lab. Her academic interests are writing lab reports and essays in Spanish. She says she’s a super hero. Outside of school she rides her bike a lot, reads and plays a whole bunch of video games.

Josh Inkeles is a future officer for UCD. He is attending UCD with a major in psychology. He is a student member of the APA. After he is out of school he would like to conduct neuropsychology research. His academic interests include cognitive psychology, social psychology, neuropsychology, existential philosophy, evolutionary biology.  When he is not in class he enjoys films, Japanese media and critiquing thereof, model kit construction, and discussing philosophy and logic.

Taylor Carpenter is a volunteer for ACA. She starts at MSCD in the fall with a major in Speech Communication with a concentration in Organizational Communications.  When she graduates, she wants to work in Public Relations, Human Resources, or as an editor of a fashion magazine. Her academic interests include philosophy, psychology, and sociology. When she’s not in school she likes to take interesting photographs, surrealism art, is a movie buff, the color pink, Photoshopping her photographs and shopping. She is also a vegan and tries to dress happy.

Vanessa Guttormson– Coming soon!

Chalmer Wren is the Co-founder, former Vice President, and former Treasurer of Metro State Atheists.  He has a B.S. in Chemistry from Metropolitan State College of Denver. He is currently working as a laboratory chemist. In 2009 he was the co-recipient of Metropolitan State College of Denver’s Student Organization of the Year Award and the Center  For Inquiry’s Campus Affiliate Group Award for Community Impact. His academic interests include epistemology, scientific methodology, education, and astronomy. His name was inspired by an Allis Chalmers tractor that his great, great grandfather owned. Originally, the name is derived from the French ‘Chambre,’ which translates literally as Chamber, room, or the like.  His primary hobbies include traveling, beer, and science fiction.


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  1. Steven
    Jun 18, 2011 @ 22:45:34

    I want a bio!!!


    • Auraria Campus Atheists
      Jul 12, 2011 @ 12:58:51

      i just posted about this in the forums i will write you one as soon as i get the info to do so.


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